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After looking at dozens of paint swatches, you’ve done it; you’ve found THE perfect color! But before you buy a couple gallons and prep, prime & paint your space - WAIT! Chances are, that color you just fell in love with will look totally different on your walls. And suddenly your ‘Tranquil Sunrise’ looks more like ‘Compost Pumpkin’. Yikes. Well, there’s a simple way to avoid this. Test, test, test.

First, buy a pint of each of your top color choices. (I suggest your top two picks.) Then, paint a two foot by two foot patch of each color on the wall, side-by-side. Make sure to paint in a couple different areas of your space, depending on the natural light in the room. When the paint is dry, you’ll want to see how the color(s) look in both the daylight and in the evening, too. If you find a color on the first try, fantastic. If not, head back to the paint store for another pint and repeat. 

Multiple trips to the paint store can be a pain but repainting an entire room or, even worse, living with a color you don’t love really stinks. Believe me, the extra time and effort you spend upfront will ensure a color you’ll love for years!

P.S. Our favorite wall paint, in most cases, is Benjamin Moore ‘Aura’ (matte). It costs a little more but it’s worth it for  a rich, non-fading, scrub-able color!!

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