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It’s not often that you go to an industry conference and are actually moved – nearly to tears – by a speaker. But that’s what happened when Mark and I had the pleasure to hear Susan Wintersteen, President and CEO of Savvy Interiors and founder of the nonprofit Savvy Giving By Design (SGBD), speak at a recent industry event. Susan gave a passionate overview of SGBD and their mission to provide comfort, support, and healing to families with children facing a medical crisis by transforming their home interiors at no cost to them.  

According to Susan, "most people think when a child is diagnosed with cancer they're in the hospital all the time and spending very little time at home. And actually, the inverse is true."

She explained how the SGBD design team personally meets with each family to learn about their child’s interests, passions, favorite colors and any physical needs before they start their design magic.

Then, they collaborate with their network of contractors and vendors, who often donate or deeply discount their time, services and products. SGBD also shares the family’s story through social media to encourage project donations. All of these volunteer efforts result in one-of-a-kind dream rooms for children in need of happiness and hope. 

Savvy Giving By Design is based in San Diego but they are currently building a nation-wide coalition of designers committed to giving back to children with their talents. SGBD has launched affiliate chapters in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Rhode Island. 

Video from Savvy Giving by Design's first fundraiser, A Room to Heal, 9/10/16. 

Video from Savvy Giving by Design's first fundraiser, A Room to Heal, 9/10/16. 

For more information on SGBD, including more inspiring stories, videos and ways you can help by becoming a Savvy Giver, visit their website. You’ll be glad you did.

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