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I recently found a wonderful post by Ali Wenzke, author of ‘The Art of Happy Moving’ blog, titled “How to Create Your Dream Home”. It was simple, thoughtful and provided me with one of those “aha” moments. Here it is; if you want to make your dreams come true - specifically with your dream home in mind - you need to figure out what those dreams are.  And the best way to start is to make a list. (I love lists!)

First rule with this list – don’t hold back! This is a DREAM list. Let your mind drift to things that make you happy. Forget about being practical, for now. Here’s what my list includes: 

  • I would like an ocean view
  • Would love a personal reading nook
  • I’d love a spa bathroom with an extra large tub for soaking
  • I love turquoise and blue tones
  • Entertaining friends is important to us
  • I want to be surrounded by gardens

Of course an ocean view isn’t in the cards for most of us but remember this is a dream list! Through the magic of creative design, the feeling of being close to the water can be brought into your home. For example in our house we’ve used color schemes, fabrics, artwork and the addition of a small balcony off our bedroom to create a beach-like retreat feeling (and we’re 150 miles from the coast).  

Having a list of everything that brings you joy will help you re-create it in some form within your physical space. Pin pictures that you like. Rip out pages of magazines for inspiration. Take photos on your phone if you spot something special.  

I love this approach. We’re asking our clients and prospective clients to do this. It’s a great way to start the design conversation. 

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