Frequently Asked Questions about Arlington Home Interiors

Arlington Home Interiors is a full-service interior design studio based in Arlington Virginia that provides smart, functional living spaces for today’s modern families. Arlington Home Interiors serves Northern Virginia and the surrounding Washington DC metro area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Arlington Home Interiors?

Living room transformed into a peaceful adult lounge, designed by Suzanne Manlove of Arlington Home Interiors.

Arlington Home Interiors will save you time and money, while also reducing the stress associated with the multitude of options associated with home design projects. By providing an efficient approach to the selection process that leverages professional direction with a rich inventory of resources, including; furnishings, accessories and craftspeople, we can help you narrow the options and feel confident about your choices.

The biggest return we provide is peace of mind — that we’re watching out for your best interests, earning your trust and moving your project forward. All of this brings out the full potential of your home. 

How are you different from other designers?

We take the guesswork out of your budgeting by offering flat-fee packages in addition to retainer-based contracts. As we design your space, we can source from both retail and trade-only options, so you get the best solutions for your project, at an investment level that suits you.

As a mother of two children, Suzanne understands the design needs of young families and has become an expert on kid and pet-friendly fabrics and furnishings and family-centric space planning.

How much is a typical design project?

Due to the custom nature of each individual design, there is no “one-price-fits-all” pricing plan. We estimate the time required for each project, so clients know what their investment in design services will be up front.

A completely furnished medium-sized, family room requires a minimum investment of $30K for furnishings and design fees. Furnishings and goods may include upholstered furniture, floor covering, accent tables, lighting, window treatments and accessories.

For a new construction project or an open-ended project where it is difficult to determine a well-defined scope of work, we can work by RETAINER AGREEMENT.  In those cases, we collect pre-payment on a portion of hours and keep track of our project hours. Clients are billed monthly against the retainer for any time spent.

Every job is different, so it’s best to schedule a meeting at your home to discuss your specific needs.

What are the benefits of having custom furnishings made for my home? Aren't they more expensive than mass-produced retail furnishings?

People often associate the word “custom” with expensive but that is not necessarily the case. By using furniture builders that sell directly to the design community, we’re able to ensure high quality pieces at prices competitive to local retailers like Ethan Allen, Crate and Barrel, and Restoration Hardware.

We can control costs through fabric selection, and still guarantee that your piece is built to last. When we create one-of-a-kind furnishings, we can personalize our clients' piece through fabrics, finishes, embellishments, and hardware, as well as customize cushion types for a perfect sit, and sizing for a perfect fit. 

Check out our blog post "Making the Case for Custom" for more information.

How do you present your concepts?

We’ll meet in-person to review your project’s design plan, which includes; a floor plan, elevation, mood board and  finish and fabric samples. We'll then make any necessary revisions, based on your feedback.

Do I have to use AHI’s services for everything, or just as needed?

Choose what best fits your needs and budget. Use your own vendors on your home projects, or you can hire vendors from our trusted team. For new items you may buy from retail sources yourself, or Arlington Home Interiors can order everything for you. Arlington Home Interiors is responsible for ordering any trade-only items for you.

Do you design in any particular style?

Our job is to interpret your style and personality into a design that suits your lifestyle, so you and your family feel comfortable in your home. We don’t adhere to any one particular style. We love mixing old with new — which is ideal when you have older favorites that you want to freshen up with new pieces.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Our priority is to keep your project on track and on budget. This requires good communication from us so that you can make quick decisions, and good communication from you so that we understand your preferences. Based on our initial conversation and design plan, we will outline a specific timeline.

May I contact some former clients for feedback?

Absolutely! We invite you to review our client feedback section. And we’re more than happy to provide you with client references after we’ve had our initial phone conversation and design assessment.

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