What Clients Are Saying About Arlington Home Interiors

Arlington Home Interiors is a full-service interior design studio based in Arlington Virginia that provides smart, functional living spaces for today’s modern families. Arlington Home Interiors serves Northern Virginia and the surrounding Washington DC metro area.


What clients are saying

I knew I couldn't I do it on my own. Suzanne helped me pick out the foundational items, that really brought everything together. She also helped me pick out items for others spaces in my home with tips along the way that have made great improvements throughout my whole home. She was also able to integrate old items that I wanted to keep with the new items.

She (Suzanne) was respectful of what I wanted to do. The team was always responsive, more than generous and always provided acknowledgements of our progress. There were some delays on furniture delivery but otherwise all was wonderful.

It's done! And it looks really, really good. It looks like an adult space.

Denise H., Arlington, VA

We have growing kids so our needs are shifting for more storage, space for bigger items, and accommodating our large active dog all at the same time! We needed a higher functioning space and better flow with a sleeker and more mature design.

Suzanne really took the time to get to know how we live, what we need, and the styles that we are drawn to. The final design really incorporates that and she made suggestions and pushed on designs that I hadn't thought of and we're so happy with everything.

The whole team is nice and responsive. The weekly reports were so helpful especially in the down time where items had been ordered and there's a waiting period. It was nice to know we were still on your radar and we had a weekly touch point.

From start to finish Suzanne really worked with us to figure out our functional issues but bring in great design while managing clutter and decor.

Kathie Z., Arlington, VA

I was moving out of a single family home and needed advice on which of my existing pieces of furniture would work in my new home as well as advice on new purchases. I wanted expert advice on creating new spaces with continuity and an updated transitional look. I also wanted to economize on the amount of time I would need to spend on the project.

The project was completed in a timely manner. The results were just what I was hoping for – serene, pleasing surroundings, a beautiful color palette, a wonderful blend of old and familiar furnishings and lovely new acquisitions.

Suzanne made a real effort to understand and work with my tastes and accommodate my budget.

Patty B., Alexandria, VA

I'm thrilled with the results and look forward to coming home even more now since it's a much more polished space. I've found myself actively trying to find a day to work from home due to the results.

Suzanne was very respectful of my design tastes yet walked a delicate line of introducing new ideas. Perhaps most importantly, they took care of EVERYTHING, and in my career, that was insanely valuable.

Kevin P., Arlington, VA

Suzanne was recommended by some friends of mine. I think she was very professional. She actually took the time to listen and listen to my tastes and she has excellent taste. Easy to work with. Very punctual, reliable, accommodating, and efficient. Everything was very structured, organized, and clear up front. Whenever I had some questions they were answered quickly.

Emmanuelle M., Washington, D.C.

We had a new home with a clean slate. We had space planning needs and needed help thinking through esthetic design and inspiration. Because it was a new home we wanted to have an expert help us with our forever design choices. We needed it to make sense and be a smart investment.

It was so nice to have an expert eye to help define the large open spaces. We were given two or three choices of furnishings, etc. which helped me narrow down options and prevented me from feeling overwhelmed.

Everyone was very nice and what drew me to [Suzanne] was that she guided us on making the right decisions and making what we had work. She was a calming presence and we felt connected. The weekly check-ins were very helpful.

Very communicative, not pushy, and very positive. It was great experience.

Neha V., Arlington, VA

Our condo hallways needed a fresh look. We didn't want a hotel or condo lobby we wanted it to look like the entrance to our homes. We wanted a fresh and clean look that was neutral.

We cast our infrastructure committee to come up with designs and the group wasn't coming to fruition, so we decided to hire Arlington Home Interiors as a one stop shop. We knew we'd be dealing with professionals to put together a palette of options to meet our needs. They made it easy.

[Arlington Home Interiors were] Professional and flexible on our ideas to present the best design. They were timely and informative on what we could expect. The designs were high quality and addressed our design concepts. We have been very satisfied. Suzanne and Mark did a great job addressing concerns and design input from a very diverse set of property owners.

Howard S., Arlington, VA

We decided to hire an interior design consultant for a number of reasons. We wanted someone to help us limit the choices. From colors, to fabrics, to hardware and furniture, we felt overwhelmed by all the choices and wanted someone to narrow the range down to a manageable level. We also wanted the space to bring us joy and be harmonious. We wanted to hire someone who cared about how colors and fabrics and textures went together. Someone who could visualize the experience that the rooms would create. And, someone who knew where to find quality items that wouldn’t break the bank.

Arlington Home Interiors did all this, and more. From our first meeting with Suzanne and throughout the process, we experienced the team as thoughtful, conscientious, and creative. They listened carefully to what we hoped to accomplish, then suggested alternatives that met our wishes.

Already, we find ourselves lounging in the sitting room, enjoying the views and marveling at the beauty of the space Suzanne and her team helped us create.

There is no way we could have created this design on our own. We are grateful for all your help and love the final result.

Don and Marcia B., Falls Church, VA

We wanted someone who worked with us, understood our style, and was able to shape a design around that in a way that made sense to us. We also wanted someone to challenge our design ideas and push us out of our comfort zone, and tell us when we made bad choices. Suzanne and her team expertly accomplished this. She and her whole team were very kind, and professional. We were very pleased working with them.

Brad S., Washington, D.C.

We just wanted to follow up to let you know how much we love our new room! We knew it would be beautiful, but it even exceeded our expectations! I felt like I was splurging to stay at a really nice hotel. We love it all--the rug, bench, headboard, bedding, blue dresser, and all your little touches. We finally feel like we have a grown up room. I can't wait to get home tonight to hang out in it again. :-)

Thanks for your vision and bringing it all together, you guys have a great eye and are very talented!

Julie B., Arlington, VA

Working with Arlington Home Interiors has allowed us to complete projects that were on our list but were never able to accomplish on our own. Making design decisions and getting it just right can be difficult but not for Suzanne and her team. Arlington Home Interiors makes the process easy. They are organized, provide the right amount of options (never felt overwhelmed by the choices), and they are great at communicating. We recently completed our second project with Arlington Home Interiors and could not be happier. We no longer have to spend time thinking about what needs to get done and instead we are thoroughly enjoying our new spaces!

Alice F., Arlington, VA

I wanted to thank you again, for your exceptional design and selections in our lower level. It is always such a pleasure to work with you and your team, you are the consummate professionals and consistently responsive, enthusiastic and pleasant to engage with. This is our second time around with AHI, and each time we see and appreciate more the strengths and creativity of your work. In our case, your artistry is evident in the seamless blend of colors, textures and pieces you selected to bring the entire space into harmony. Further, your design perfectly dovetailed with our tastes, and created a series of rooms that flow together into a most impressive whole. Your team’s inspirations act as a force multiplier, consistently taking our ideas 2-3 steps further than we would on our own while keeping within our design aesthetic. And your consistent sourcing of the highest quality materials not only met and exceeded all of our schedule and budget expectations but also delivered outstanding value.

We look forward to the next engagement with your team at AHI and know you will continue your success!

Marina B., Alexandria, VA

AMAZING. That is the first word that came to mind when I walked into the space Suzanne and her team transformed for us. Our project was renovating the main level of our 1950s split-level (kitchen, dining room and living room). I am not a visual person and lack the ability to determine the best sizing for furniture, placement, etc. The only real input I could give was that we were looking for a peaceful, open and inviting space. From the beginning, Suzanne was fantastic at facilitating discussion and generating more ideas around our goals. She was also able to intuit our style preferences and gave us great suggestions for maximizing our space. Suzanne and her team were professional throughout, incredibly responsive, super organized, and patient with us and our busy schedules. She paid attention to every detail, including all the accessories, windows panels, the color for our hardwood flooring, cabinet color, fireplace tile, etc. (to be honest, all of the things I have never had the patience/skill to coordinate and pull together myself). 

We asked Suzanne to design a calm, inviting space. And she delivered exactly what we were looking for. If you are on the fence about using a designer or have any skepticism or anxiety about the process, I can tell you that Suzanne and her team will provide the partnership/support/creativity in helping you create your ideal space.

Ann S., McLean, VA

We worked with Suzanne and the AHI team for nearly a year as we designed, constructed and furnished our new home. Suzanne was an invaluable partner throughout the process.  She was quick to understand our design aesthetic and brought creative solutions to everything for color palettes to carpet selections to custom light fixtures to automated window treatment solutions.  Suzanne introduced us to an Israeli lighting designer based in Brooklyn, NY, who ultimately designed two amazing light fixtures for us. It is hard to put a price on those types of precious connections that transform raw space into a home that is uniquely your own.

The AHI team worked well with our contractor and brought creative and practical solutions to complex design issues. Whether it was unique tile selections for several bathrooms or the layout of our master suite, Suzanne and her team paid attention to every detail, right down to the grout to match the tile!

We are grateful for the significant role Suzanne and the AHI team played in the interior design and furnishing of our home.

Steve and Jenn L., Arlington VA

Suzanne, WOW!! You really blew me away with everything chosen and placed so thoughtfully and beautifully! I am stunned and I love it. Thank you for putting so much love and care into everything you found for me; I'm so grateful, and so touched. You got it right!

Leslie B., Arlington, VA

I have worked with Suzanne Manlove of Arlington Home Interiors very closely since I moved to DC eight months ago. She is fantastic—creative, fun, organized, and very, very nice. She took the time to figure out what I liked, and then produced a creative and integrated design for my empty space. She took complete charge of ordering and tracking everything and supervised the installation. I came home from work one day to find my house transformed into a warm, cozy, and elegant home, complete with flowers artfully arranged by Suzanne. I recommend her highly!

Barbara D., Capitol Hill, DC

We felt it was very easy to both interact and collaborate with Suzanne.  She worked with us to define priorities, set a price/quality point, and define options.  She always endeavored to come up with very interesting and stimulating ideas, tailored to our taste.  At the higher end, the living room rug is an excellent example of how she pressed ahead to give us a really tasteful and creative solution, very different from where we started and very attractive in the end.

Her mixture of materials, colors, and designers has given a very happy and synergistic result.  We get lots of compliments.

She right away proposed options that matched our focus on quality.  Her supervision of craftsmen and workmanship was excellent.  Examples are a very complex and heavy chandelier, and the library redo.  Suzanne insisted that some things be redone if she didn't find them right, which gave us utmost confidence.

Suzanne diligently stuck to the spirit of the place, i.e., spare, modern, and high quality, and composed to showcase our art.  At the same time, she was all about color, style, placement and height, things that really have influenced the final look.  

We would strongly recommend her work and as we intend to use her services for another project.

Gretchen W., Alexandria VA

We recently purchased a new house and hired Arlington Home Interiors to decorate our living room. Our challenge there was space -- it’s not a large room, and there are lots of windows so the floor plan was tricky. I also had a very specific vision for how I wanted it to look. Suzanne was incredibly patient, and took great care with all the details. She was totally committed to getting things right. I’m thrilled with the outcome and love our new room. They totally nailed it!

Joan R., Arlington, VA

Wow! I am so happy I put my trust in Suzanne and her team. I had never worked with an interior designer before, and I was nervous about making the investment, but I knew I needed help so I made the leap. I am so, so glad I did! Suzanne helped me completely transform three rooms in my house into rooms that I love, rooms that are comfortable for me and my growing family to live in, and rooms that make me want to have company over all the time. She listened to me, understood my vision and style, and then created and executed on a design plan that really works. My home feels bigger, brighter and also works for my young children and busy life. So worth the investment! She was also very fun to work with and patient with me throughout the process in terms of educating me, providing options, and explaining things.

I also rehired AHI for a second job to provide a design plan for my nursery and my son's room. I then executed on the plan and finished it myself. This also worked great for me and was a more modest investment. Really love the flexibility and I will definitely work with Arlington Home Interiors again.

Catherine A., Arlington, VA

Working with Arlington Home Interiors was an absolute delight. Suzanne took the time to listen to and really understand our needs and hopes for the space and then translated that into a vision that exceeded our expectations.

She gave us enough opportunities for input along the way without overwhelming us with too many choices.

Her design plan turned our drab office into a beautiful and welcoming space for staff and clients. The children’s play room that Suzanne designed is magical—kids are drawn to it like a magnet. 

In addition to their skill and professionalism, Arlington Home Interiors is also committed to helping the community. They provided their services pro-bono to us, a local non-profit, and treated us with the utmost respect and care. I highly recommend Arlington Home Interiors and hope to work with them again in the future.

Doorways for Women & Children, Arlington VA

Suzanne designed a new floor plan and decor (furniture-both custom and retail, rug, lighting) for our basement media center, which presented lots of challenges since all members of our family had their own ideas and requirements about how to use this space. Somehow, Suzanne was able to meet all of these diverse needs in an elegant, comfortable, cozy way that we never would have envisioned on our own. She also redid our guest room, reusing (recovering and repainting) some of our old furniture to beautiful effect. Two smaller areas--upstairs hallway and small section of kitchen--were also addressed and both exceeded our expectations. She is very easy to work with, efficient and responsive.

Fay W., McLean, VA

We had just bought a new house, it was ten years old and needed some updates and we wanted some guidance for a designer on how we could create a house that reflected our own style.

As a partner in a law firm, I’m really busy and I didn’t have the time to really put into designing the nursery I really wanted for our child when I was pregnant. I knew I wanted something cute that again reflected our style. We live in a wooded area and I love how Suzanne used elements of nature in the nursery design to tie it all together. Instead of a plain yellow gender neutral nursery, we have something that is cute and functional and could be used again if we have another child no matter if it’s a boy or a girl.

I really enjoyed working with Suzanne and Flavia. They were really great at taking the ideas we had and finding an array of options for us. Not too many where it was overwhelming, but just enough. If we decided that one item didn’t suit, they’d take the time to find out why – was it the color, the shape, the fabric, then come back with more options.

I would absolutely recommend Arlington Home Interiors. When you go into a renovation you always have the big picture in mind, so I didn’t know how much was involved in this kind or project. It’s a long process! It was nice to have them explain the timeline for the project and how long it would take. I appreciated Suzanne coordinating vendors and that I could be confident that they were taking care of all of the little details.

Amanda L., McLean VA

Arlington Home Interiors helped us turn our house into a home!

My husband and I truly enjoyed working with Suzanne Manlove and Arlington Home Interiors as we tackled redecorating the main living spaces of our home in Falls Church.  We love our house, built in 1940, and our neighborhood, but we were stumped by trying to figure out how to make our great older house flow like the new ones. 

We like to entertain, but felt our spaces were crowded and weren’t conducive to larger groups of people being able to mingle and enjoy each other.  With Suzanne’s help and vision, I was able to overcome my fear of “de-cluttering” and my husband got over his fear of color (other than white) on the walls.  We thought we would be forced to tear down walls to get the space we needed, but happily, with Suzanne’s help, we were able to get the flow we were looking for without the dreaded “major renovation.”

Suzanne put together great plans for each of our rooms and then gave us options, at various price points, to source our new furnishings.  She impressed us with her ability to blend our current furnishings with new pieces to get the look we wanted.  I know there is such a thing as too many choices and Suzanne’s biggest advantage for me was being able to narrow the scope and focus me on style and color choices.  Anyone who has ever redecorated knows how overwhelming it is just to choose a paint color!  She really nailed it on our wall color choices.  In fact, several of my neighbors have now used the same colors in their homes.

The other major advantage to using Arlington Home Interiors is their “rolodex” of preferred contractors for everything from wallpaper removal, to painting, to window treatments.  Every one of Suzanne’s recommended contractors was totally professional, gave us exactly what we wanted (and more), then came in on schedule and budget.  What more can you ask for?!

What could have been a stressful redecorating experience became organized and, yes, I’ll say it, fun, with help and guidance from Arlington Home Interiors.  I’d recommend Arlington Home Interiors to anyone looking for help with a decorating challenge.  We were so happy with the results that we’re using Suzanne for our next project.

Debra D., Falls Church, VA

We moved into a new home last summer. I was overwhelmed with the number of decisions that we needed to make - wall colors, hardwood floor finish, window treatments, and kitchen backsplash. Suzanne helped us make all these decisions and really understood what we wanted. Since we were traveling through most of the work, she managed the entire project and we felt comfortable with Suzanne making decisions in our absence. 

More importantly, we wanted our home to reflect our design style. Suzanne understood my style and my husband's style and created a space that we both love! We bought all new furniture and I was overwhelmed with all the fabric and detail choices. Suzanne narrowed down the number of options so we were able to see what we truly love. Our kitchen, dining, living and family rooms are all open to each other. We wanted each room to compliment each other but also feel unique. Suzanne used color and pattern to accomplish this perfectly. All the decorating details that Suzanne chose are beautiful! We never could have created a home we truly love without the help of Arlington Home Interiors!

Lindsey B., Arlington, VA

We absolutely loved working with Suzanne! She listened to our needs, was very accommodating to our budget, and thought of every little detail, both from a style and functional standpoint. Not only is she a fabulous designer, she is also so great to work with - prompt, courteous, fun, and open-minded. We can't wait for our next project with her.

Aimee M., Falls Church, VA

We hired Suzanne to help with the interior decorating of our new construction home. She was fantastic! She was easy to work with and helped us to narrow down the selection process. My husband and I have different decorating styles. He is more modern and I am more traditional. She really helped find things that we both would like. I would highly recommend her.

Beth B., Arlington, VA

After moving into a larger two bedroom condo, I definitely needed more furniture and help decorating my new place. After looking at portfolios online, and pictures on Houzz, I contacted Arlington Home Interiors. Suzanne and her assistant Flavia were wonderful to work with and provided exceptional expertise in decorating my place. She listened to my likes/dislikes and examples of rooms that fit my style. After they put together the design of my living room and bedroom, I opted to do the buying myself. Everything was listed for me and it was very easy for me to order what I needed from the various websites. They will also provide a list of vendors if you need help with painting, moving furniture, hanging art, etc. if you are looking for a designer within Northern Virginia, I would recommended Arlington Home Interiors.

Amanda W., Arlington, VA

We had wanted to update our bedroom and bath for years but we could not agree on colors or what to do.  So we sought an experienced designer to help us update our bedroom, which we felt contained too much furniture and didn't have a coherent feel.  We also wanted suggestions on how to convert our dated master bath to create a walk-in shower with fresh, modern features.  

We contacted Arlington Home Interiors and spoke with Suzanne about how we wanted the rooms to feel and how they should function.  She took our thoughts and developed a comprehensive concept for renovating our bedroom space incorporating new colors, furniture and lighting. Suzanne's ideas were very appealing to us, and we also were able to select items on our own but within her overall concept.

Suzanne coordinated all the work and contractors for us and was present for discussion of any major element of construction.  We were very pleased with the construction and the people who came to work in our house.  It was great to know they were not only skilled craftsmen but also good people. Like in most renovation projects there were a few unexpected problems, but overall they were minimal. Suzanne and the contractors were all committed to taking care of any issues quickly and smoothly and to our satisfaction.

We are extremely happy in our newly renovated space and are thankful for the thoughtful AHI design that became a reality for us.  We would never have arrived at such an inviting and satisfying solution without the vision of Suzanne and her AHI team!

Debbie W., Arlington, VA

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